The Focus has to be on Quality...

Through our years of experience building concrete pools, we have learned to
consider many factors that directly effect you as a pool owner.
Quality equipment and construction is the key.

Is your pool built to withstand the harsh Canadian climate and temperature?
You may not have considered this, but in Canada, we have a pretty harsh climate
with wide temperature fluctuations throughout the course of a year. Everything we
build will withstand the severe conditions that mother nature can deliver.
Many of our pools actually operate outdoors year round.

Turnkey Operation
Our pools are built to be user friendly and ready to go when completed.
Our staff will take as much time as needed to ensure you know how
EVERYTHING works and how to use it.

Engineered Structure
When dealing with thousands of gallons of water, it is important to have a sound
structure for longevity and durability. All of our pool structures use
Engineered Concrete Shell construction.

  • All Pool floors are standard 8” thick reinforced concrete
      (12“ floors with optional cleaning system)
  • All pool walls are 12” thick reinforced concrete
  • All PVC pipes and return lines are actually encased in the wall structure.

This means that all piping is protected from underground elements that can
compromise your filration system.

90 degree Floor to Wall Connection
Most pool companies build their pool bottoms with a rounded or sloped
connection to the side walls.
London Rec pools all use a 90 degree wall connection. This allows for
a stronger wall structure and also allows for a greater safe diving area
below the surface. We also use a key way connection to support
surrounding pool decks creating an incredibly strong connection between
the pool wall and pool deck.

Heavy Piping and Valves
High water flow and efficient filtration is a must to keep your pool
crystal clean. All filtration system pipes are PVC sch 40 pipe with
top quality Chemline® Ball valves for smooth flow and operation.

High Quality Fixtures and Equipment
Top quality fixtures supplied by Pentair Water pool & spa products
A&A Manufacturing Quikclean® infloor cleaning systems, and autofill systems, and 
Endless Pools swimming machines. All Chemicals supplied by Mursatt Chemicals.
Sheer Descent© waterfall fixtures. Safety Covers manufactured by Cantar.